Video Of Married Man Who Flew Over 1000 Km To Meet An Online Date But Gets Beaten By Her Husband Goes Viral

Mr. Liu, from China, flew two hours to meet a woman he met on a dating site, however, he was caught by the woman’s husband and got the beaten of his life in public. The furious husband and his friends flogged the man using belts and straps as a crowd of people looked on in Fuyuan, south-west China’s Yunnan Province. 


He had flown from central China to the south-west Yunnan province to meet Ms. Duan after meeting her online, MailOnline reports.

Mobile phone footage shows Mr. Liu being pinned to a tree as four men who beat him with whips and leather belts.


Mr. Liu was said to have traveled 1,142 kilometers (709 miles), from central China’s Wuhan to south-west China’s Fuyuan for the date.

Ms. Duan was nowhere to be seen in the footage.

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